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Win7 update: Matt has been out of commission due to AIS upgrades and March 15 admissions announcements prep but next steps will be to:
  1. Provide data collected and a narrative of our observations to IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft
  2. Give Eric in desktop support some info so he can continue testing Win7 especially whether Win7 VM on Win7 machine will work.  We know that Win7 VM on a Mac will work.  This points to the Win7 networking stack and even  though our firewall, network, app admin people can watch the data going back and forth and see exactly where it fails, they cannot see why it is failing.  We are hoping IBM can figure this out.  However, we are concerned that the three vendors will simply point the fingers at each other.
RDB no update tonight
Change freeze this wekend
Peggy:  back on board soon after appointment ran out – has just been re-approved – 40% for next 4 mos. 10% thereafter til Sept.  Goals:  continued knowledge transfer, spring quarter reporting coverage, and backup for Cicely.
New phone numbers for AD catalogs in production 
New phone numbers for other catalogs in QA – Reg will test when bandwidth allows
Business Objects Migration
Any updates? –  Jennie:  Signoff on first phase testing is received – still waiting from info re: some security questions  – pulling together reports for corporate reports – (global across campus – shared needs).  Difficult to tell how many of current reporting needs will be met with corporate reports.  No way to see who uses what reports in Upfront and when.  Cicely reports that Isabel is concerned about AA letter – Jennie understands this report and the Planning and Budget folks are happy to coach her to get them rewritten.
Meeting next week for other users to look at planned corporate reports (walkabout).  Les, Cicely, David will attend.
AA Letter and AA Revised Letter – Not sure status of Isabel’s request.  

Permissions for new accounts – ricardo gomez (lss), roxanne (Hum Div)  (didn’t get to this)
Who to contact for data access permissions (security user classes)
  • advising: advsys
  • student records: regsys
  • grad admin:  judy
  • adm: greta
  • sbs: greg
  • financial aid:  patrick
  • drc:  isabel

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